Mental Health in the Workplace Training

Right now 1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress.

What is the cost of ignoring the mental health of your staff?

  • Lower productivity;
  • Lost work days;
  • Higher recruitment costs;
  • Increased conflict at work.

We have over thirty years experience and utilise a team of highly trained and experienced trainers, we evaluate all of our training provision to ensure the best learning outcomes for your employees. We can tailor our training and development programmes to suit your employee and organisation’s business needs

Our mental health training programmes includes:

  • Mental health awareness at work
  • Keeping yourself well at work
  • Managing change and coping with stress
  • Suicide first aid
  • Mental health first aid
  • And a range of bespoke programmes.

Download our Mental Health in the Workplace training brochure for a more in-depth look at our programmes: Training-Brochure

For more information about any of our training programmes, please contact us on 01685 707480 or email